Exclusive Guatemala Trip
Oct 6th – 13th 2023

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8 Day Trip

*Price is all inclusive minus airfare, travelers insurance and alcohol.
$195 non refundable deposit – can be transferred.

Our mission is to inspire our volunteers to become global citizens and take a hands-on role in the world around them. We believe our duty is to improve the lives of those in need. We aim to improve the future of some of Guatemala’s most impoverished people, and help them to break the poverty cycle through early nutrition, education and self sustainability.

As a volunteer in Guatemala you will build connections with your group and the Guatemalan people. We believe there is value in service on both ends. Not only as a volunteer will you grow but you will also help the communities in which we serve grow. By serving these communities, you are making a difference now and for generations to come. Here are a few ideas of what we do…. we prepare breakfast and lunch, plant gardens, volunteer in the local community, deliver hundreds of pounds of books, backpacks and school supplies to our preschool and local school, offer love and hope to all those we come in contact with and have an absolute blast!

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Day 1: Upon arriving in Guatemala City (GUA) – you will be welcomed by our private driver and our private bus. We will drive from Guatemala City to Antigua where we will have our first group dinner and enjoy a leisurely night time walking tour of Antigua.

Day 2:  After a good night’s rest and a delicious breakfast we will enjoy a morning walk / hike to the city overlook to appreciate the spectacular views of Vulcan de Fuego, Vulcan de Agua and Vulcan de Acatenango. We will spend the day exploring the ruins and shopping in the fabulous markets. After lunch we will pack our belongings and load our bus leaving Antigua towards the black sand beaches where dinner will be waiting for us when we arrive. 

Day 3: After a good night’s rest and a delicious breakfast we will have the day to release baby turtles back into the ocean, enjoy the beautiful black sand beach, wakeboard, surf, kayak or swim in the pools at the beautiful resort.

Day 4: After a delicious breakfast we will load our belongings in our bus and say goodbye to the beach as we travel to Panajachel and Lake Atitlan.

Day 5: After a lovely breakfast we will get to meet our mom’s and preschool kiddos for the first time and enjoy a painting project with them. We will also get the opportunity to read with and play with our kiddos. For lunch we get to support our moms at our Mother’s Market (where we can purchase handmade items and food that they make). After lunch we will volunteer at a local school (K-8th grade school). We will head back to Panajachel for a sunset stroll and delicious Italian dinner. 

Day 6: We will spend the day building garden towers in our families homes and making home visits where we could be delivering water filters or installing wood burning stoves. After lunch we will enjoy a traditional Mayan weaving demonstration with local artisans before we drive back to Panajachel.

Day 7: After breakfast we will have a field trip with the kiddos at a local park and play soccer. We will return to our preschool to deliver donations and eat lunch. We will spend the afternoon working on projects at our sewing center.
To commemorate our last night in San Andrés, we will host a Movie Night & Pizza Night in San Andrés for our Preschool community where we all get to be together to watch a fun movie in our outdoor theater.

Day 8: We will say goodbye to San Andrés and leave for Guatemala City after breakfast

*Itinerary is subject to change due to current project needs